Neighborhood Development Committee

Beginning in 2015, the Connecticut General Assembly charged CRDA with looking beyond its downtown Hartford district and engage in projects in other areas of the City.

To that end, a total of $40 million ($20 million in both fiscal years 2016 and 2017) has been designated for infrastructure, economic development and housing projects in Hartford outside of our district. A portion of the funding is to be dedicated to the federally-designated "Promise Zone", a 3.11 square-mile area emcompassing the Clay Arsenal, Northeast and Upper Albany neighborhoods.



Prospective projects will need to secure City of Hartford referral to CRDA for consideration. Such projects should be for infrastructure, economic development and/or housing. 


Neighborhood Security Fellowship Program and Projects

Public Act 16-4 (May Special Session) establishes a Neighborhood Security Fellowship Progam-a pilot program designed to foster neighborhood safety in urban environments and serve as a blueprint to reduce neighborhood gun violence state-wide. Aimed at individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 who are most likely to be perpetrators or victims of gun violence, the program will, among other things, provide life skills training, job training and assist with work placement. 

CRDA will work with the City and the State Office of Policy and Management to operate the program and to place fellows in select public construction projects located in the Promise Zone ("Neighborhood Security Projects"). CRDA has received $500,000 in State bond funds for the Neighborhood Security Fellowship Program and another $2 million for Neighborhood Security Projects.  





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